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"Excellence is our goal.
We apply stringent laboratory standards to ensure consistent quality in all dental cases.

"We deliver dental products
and services that allow you
to confidently guarantee the satisfaction of your patient."





We know that everyone is anxious to get back to normal
day-to-day activity. All of us here at Udell Dental Laboratory
hope you are staying healthy and safe!

We are open for your dental needs ~ so give us a call!
Our technicians are waiting to serve you!

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Call Us at 952-926-9266
or Toll Free at 800-248-9943

Founded in 1948, Udell Dental Laboratory is a technically advanced full service dental lab providing high quality restorations and services to dentists throughout the US.


Our focus is on creating a lasting relationship with you and your staff, meeting your needs, and delivering consistent quality for your dental patient. At Udell Dental Laboratory, we take pride in our work and in our performance as your dental lab partner. We've been a successful full-service dental laboratory for 70 years, because we care about you and your patients. Our satisfaction comes from the smile on your patient's face.


We guarantee all new crown & bridge work, dentures, partials and orthodontic appliances, with a no breakage and no-charge remake policy when appropriate.

See full Terms and Conditions and Limited Warranty on our Contact Page.







































Udell Dental Laboratory is a full-service dental laboratory working with dentists in Minnesota and the United States. Contact Udell Dental Lab today for all your dental lab needs. Toll Free 800-248-9943
Call Udell 800-248-9943
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