Dental Implants

You can improve the quality of your patient's lives with dental implants, a functional and esthetic treatment. Offer your patients a natural-looking replacement for missing teeth and give them the opportunity to have a healthy and beautiful smile.

You will work closely with Scott Udell, CDT, on each case. As the implant manager, he specializes in the planning and fabrication of your dental implant cases and works with a variety of manufacturers including; Zimmer, Straumann, Astra Tech, Noble-Biocare, Keystone (formally known as Lifecore), and Biomet 3i.

Dental Implant Abutments

For ideal control over margin design, emergence profile, angulation, and retention, Udell provides custom dental implant abutments in zirconia or titanium. Additional options include a stock milled abutment or a custom castable abutment.

Implant-Retained Overdentures

Provide patients with options for a stable denture. We recommend Locator™ Abutments for implant-retained overdentures because they are:

  • Self-aligning design
  • Low vertical height
  • Allows for angle correction up to 40°

An implant-retained lower denture using Locator™ Abutments provides a stable fit.

An Upper VKS-SG™ Overdenture with Bredent Attachments

Another option is a bar-retained overdenture, which is a metal casting with attachments that provide a "snap" fit over the implant bar.

Precision Attachments

Our fixed and removable departments work together to create combination cases with ideal fit, retention and function. Our technicians have experience with many systems and are an excellent resource to contact before restoring a case.


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We guarantee all new crown & bridge work, dentures, partials and orthodontic appliances, with a no breakage and no-charge remake policy when appropriate.

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