Dental Crowns and Bridges

IPS e.max® CAD MT Crowns

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Working from digital or conventional impressions, Udell uses computer modeling to design e.max CAD MT restorations, which are milled using lithium disilicate blocks with a high-fractural toughness of 360 MPa.

  • Anterior and posterior crowns
  • Economical restoration
  • Conventional cementation or bonding
  • Low wear on opposing teeth, even kinder than natural enamel
  • 3-year warranty

Sirona® CEREC Connect

Precise model-less restorations from your digital impressions

Dentists who currently have a Sirona acquisition unit, a high-speed internet connection, and are registered with CEREC Connect can send files to our laboratory and have completed crowns returned ready to seat.

Getting Started Basics: Register with the CEREC Connect website (, choose Udell as your preferred laboratory from the list of providers (we automatically receive an email telling us you chose Udell), Patterson Technology Center (800-475-5036) will contact you within 3 days to complete account set-up.

Working with Udell: Take a digital impression with your CEREC unit in the Master Mode, fill out digital Rx form, submit the case to Udell using either of these methods:

  • If you have high-speed internet connection and anti-virus software on your unit, you can send the scan directly to Udell. You will receive an email confirmation from Udell when we receive your file.
  • You can also copy the file to a flash drive and email us the file from your office computer that has a high-speed internet connection.

If we receive the scan by 10:00 a.m., your digital impression will be viewed by a Udell technician and put into production that day.

For more information on how Udell can help your practice get started with CEREC Connect, contact Udell Dental Laboratory today, 952-926-9266 or toll free, 800-248-9943.

Once you have successfully set up an account with Sirona, you can start sending your digital impression files to our dental laboratory.

Lava™ Crowns

Lava restorations are made with Lava zirconia and are designed and milled with the 3M Lava CAD/CAM system. The combination of materials and precision milling produces a strong restoration with an excellent marginal fit.

Insurance code:

  • Crowns-D2740 Full ceramic crown
  • Fixed partial denture pontics (bridge pontics)
  • D6245 Pontic-porcelain/ceramic

Preparation guidelines for Lava.

Katana® STML Crowns and Bridges

Udell Dental Lab designs and mills Katana® Super Translucent Multi Layered zirconia crowns and bridges. Katana® zirconia is an esthetic monolithic option, with a superior milled marginal fit.

KatanaSTML Zirconia Features:

  • 550 MPa Flexural Strength
  • Enamel-Like Translucency
  • Chromatic Multi-Layer
  • Can be layered with CZR Enamels

BruxZir® Zirconia Crowns and Bridges

Udell Dental Laboratory is an authorized BruxZir® lab, offering posterior and anterior materials. BruxZir® is a strong and esthetic option with a superior milled marginal fit.

Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM) Crowns

Udell uses CAD processes and wax-printing technology to produce pfm copings, bridges and partial frameworks. Digital images are generated using a 3D scanning device, cases are designed with dental CAD software, the files are sent to our 3D Printer which generates wax-ups that are then cast.

Benefits to the doctor:

  • Consistency
  • Outstanding fit and margin line adaptation
  • Consistent design and thickness
  • Reduced alloy use
  • Patient design file is saved for future reference
  • Available in white high-noble, yellow high-noble & white semi-precious alloys.
  • 5-year warranty

Full Contour Milled Crown

A full-contiour milled restoration is ideal for single unit crowns or bridges.

  • Ultimate longevity
  • 5-year warranty

Full-Cast Crown

A full-cast restoration is ideal for single unit crowns or bridges when occlusal space is limited, inlays/onlays, bridge restorations and gold occlusion.

  • Ultimate longevity
  • 5-year warranty

Temporary Restorations

Radica Temporary Crowns

Udell's temporary crowns are made with Radica or acetal resin. Use for a long-term esthetic temporary and when patient communication and acceptance of esthetics, form and function of the final restoration are important. If the provisional case is accepted, we can duplicate it to make the final restoration to match the esthetic temporaries.


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We guarantee all new crown & bridge work, dentures, partials and orthodontic appliances, with a no breakage and no-charge remake policy when appropriate.

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